Druid Donagh

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Druid Donagh is certified by the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids (OBOD) and is able to perform the following tasks: rituals, counseling, workshops, meditation/visualisation and spiritual healing.

Druid Donagh aims to be open for all, so therefore prices are negotiable per person or per case.
Three things for a friend:

Let them be to you a second self,
let not their misery estrange you from them,
do for their memory what you would do if they yet lived.
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Bi-weekly Triad
Our closest friends often seem to think and feel the way we do, as if they were our twin. When they are going through a difficult time, they may start ti think and feel differently from you, but try not to let this create a gulf between you, so that your friendship suffers. And if they should die, remember and speak of them as you did when you where closest.
Bi-Weekly Druid Oracle Summary:
Poppy (Upright):
Keywords: Redemption Motherhood Remembrance
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