Spiritual Healing
We all know the rituals depicted in fairy tales, myths and legends where a group of old hags sacrifice a young virgin, while worshiping the devil.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Rituals are found in every religion and culture. They are also known as ceremony and an important part of tradition. Even holidays are full of rituals. Examples are songs and foods shared or the giving of gifts at specific times. Most importantly, rituals are and were designed to honour the spirits and ask for their cooperation and blessings. Modern day Druid rituals usually include offerings of mead, wine, juice, seeds, nuts, (home made) bread, etc.

Druid Donagh can provide ready made rituals for most occasions. However, the best rituals are specially written for the occasion at hand, together with the client, for the client. Afterwards, the client keeps the ritual.

Rituals can be used for the following occasions:
the weel of the year
handfasting or wedding
rites of passage
and more.
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